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While I was an undergrad at Rider University, I wrote for the university publication The Rider News. It is entirely student-run under supervision from a journalism professor and a Rider alum who worked for Gannet. Here I’ve re-posted one of my favorite pieces. The Background:  My sophomore year at Rider, the school hosted a horror film symposium. This is article was a preview of the event. Film symposium to explore the heart of horror Fake blood, zombies and a vampire slayer named Buffy — oh my. Rider will dedicate its second annual film symposium, titled “A Mini Course in Horror,” to the genre. The four-day event will feature screenings of popular shows such as The Twilight Zone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Simpsons; classic films such as The Wolf Man, Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; panels about the various aspects of horror; and a student film competition. “It’s one of the most diverse genres in film, with countless sub-genres, and no true definition of what makes a horror film,” said Zach Bowen, a senior English major with a concentration in cinema studies. “Everyone has their own opinions of how they like their horror and how they would characterize the genre.” The events show exactly how broad the horror genre can be, as their subject matter ranges from popular television programs to obscure foreign films. House, a Japanese cult film that was just released in the United States, will make its New Jersey premiere at the Horror Film Symposium (see Review, p. 7). “What makes horror so unique is that it can act as the perfect metaphor,” Bowen said. “Stories are meant to have purpose and meaning behind them.” (see more...

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My First News Photo

While out on a reporting exercise during my orientation at CUNY, my partner and I came across some construction. I took some photos with my old cell phone, which had a camera on it. The result was better than I thought it would be originally. I unknowingly followed a lot of photography rules because I knew them from publication design courses. I placed near the construction vehicle in the optical center. The rule of thirds, also known as the golden ratio, is followed too. The lesson here is that some skills overlap. Something I learned for one purpose helped me with another application. It’s one of the things that makes multimedia journalism so fun, little discoveries like this. It’s almost as good as when I discovered my knowledge of iMovie made learning Final Cut Pro X much easier....

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This WordPress site is my portfolio. Just add coffee. I’m a journalist, a reporter, a writer, a photographer, student, etc. I’m constantly learning new things to expend my skill set because as a multimedia journalist, there’s always more to learn. Since I started my studies at CUNY Journalism, I’ve been introduced to Jux (An example of a Jux slideshow in in my photography page.) andFinal Cut Pro X. My belief is that journalists need to be open to learning new things because our field is changing so dramatically due to technology. These changes mean that in addition to good writing skills, journalists need to be able to take photos, edit video and even figure out some of our own tech glitches. I’m proud that I can do that all and more. This portfolio, like my career currently, is a work in progress. As I learn, more media will be...

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