A fashion preview that’s not the community board’s style

Tribeca’s a fashionable neighborhood, but it’s a family neighborhood too. When an incoming business applied for a huge liquor license it made waves in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood. I covered the story in its earliest days.

London-based company Spring Studios will soon open its first American outpost, Spring Studios New York, in Tribeca. One task lies in its path — getting a liquor license.

The extensive application was discussed at last month’s meeting of Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee. Although a community board’s vote is only advisory, it eases the application process. Spring Studios New York property at 50 Varick Street is a multi-floor 48,482 square foot venue that boasts capacity for 3,027 people. The original closing time listed on the application was 4 a.m. all week, 2 a.m. for the rooftop area. These times are debatable said Warren Pesetsky, the lawyer representing Spring Studios.

“You go in with a wish list to the community board meeting,” he said later.

Pesetsky continued that these hours were a starting point. At next month’s meeting, he would come with a modified proposal.

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