Comic Con Photos

This Captain America was pretty tired at the train station early Saturday morning.

I did not make it to New York Comic Con this year. However, I was in New York for a workshop at CUNY. As a result I shared a train with a lot of people whom were going to the convention. I saw even more at Penn Station. However, since I was in a hurry, I only got a two photos. I really regret this because there were so many people in costume.

At my train station, there were only a few people in costume. Once I arrived at Penn Station, I lost track of the number of people I saw in costume. It got even worse as I approached CUNY. There were not only people in costume, but many wearing convention badges. As much as I enjoy learning about new journalism tools, in my off time I like Marvel films, anime and many things geeky. So I was torn between my desire to be at New York Comic Con and learning about a new program.

Long story short, so while I was very happy to learn Final Cut Pro X, there was a tiny piece of my brain that was chanting “Next year I am going to New York Comic Con.